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tilly and rory

Animals and photography have been my two main passions in life for as long as I can remember.  After completing my photography degree in 2006,  I embarked on a year long trip around India.  It was here that I first turned my photographic lense towards dogs - in this case the stray dogs living on the streets.  These photos became my first major body of work as a photographer, and were later published in a book by Merrell Publishers, called Slum Dogs of India.

Photographing pets came as a natural progression to this, and is now - I can gladly say - my job !  I can't believe my luck!

I live in Poole, Dorset with my two rescue dogs Tilly the terrier mix - a mischievous and hilarious little creature (she makes me laugh every day), and Rory the Brindle Lurcher - whippet, greyhound, saluki cross - kind, loyal.. he's the one you go to for a cuddle!!  I learn from them everyday, and you can see them cropping up in my gallery - my muses!

Forest Pet Photography is all about my relationship with your dog, and after dealing with every kind of dog, through my work in India, as an animal lover and as a pet photographer, I feel well equipped to tackle any dog, cat or horse out there.  For me, it's all about capturing YOUR animals essence.  When they are in their natural environment, doing what they love, they are going to be the most relaxed and themselves.  No bright flash lights or unfamiliar surroundings to scare them, just a lovely romp through some fields, woods, beach, and a kind lady giving out delicious treats, and pointing a strange object in their general direction.

Often my clients are the owners of elderly or ailing dogs.  To capture beautiful images of their pet before it is too late gives me the greatest satisfaction in my work.  These shoots are always poignant but special because I know that the memories of those dogs will be captured and enjoyed for many years to come.

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